When job hunting is the job...

When I was fired from my last job, I was ready to hit the ground running. Well, first I panicked, but after that I figured I'd be fine.

That was five years ago.

What's it like trying to find a job in your 40s and the prospects dry up? What do the ads really mean by "flexible" workers? When did part time positions become "careers"?

And why are you supposed to be "passionate" all the damned time?

This is the sum of my thoughts and experiences from looking for work, lowering my standards and watching the culture slowly wake up to the idea that we've managed to screw ourselves over. 

So now what?

Pounding The Bricks #1

36 pages, $9

Splitting the difference between having too much experience for one set of jobs, but not enough to be let in the door for other jobs.

"Why do you want this job?"

A better question: what are they looking for?

Available on Etsy.

Pounding The Bricks #2

40 pages, $9

Are you passionate about data entry? Are you ready to screw up your work/life balance because you care so damned much for your job in customer service?

And why is a 20 hour a week job with a sub-livable wage suddenly considered a "career"?

Coming in August