If you can't draw...

What do you do if you love comic strips but can't draw worth a damn?

As a kid, I used to keep random scrapbooks of comic strips that made me laugh. If I couldn't save the strip because it was from a library book, I'd write the dialogue down in a kind of script format, noting props and gags as needed.

But art education wasn't really big in my hometown and I didn't pursue writing so it was remained idle

Fast forward thirty odd years and a friend turned me on to this app where you could use templates and photos to make comics. Add sound effects and speech bubbles and you'd have a story. I thought it was interesting but I couldn't imagine how I'd really use it. I was dabbling in toy photography as a way to be creative on my own. Doing anything like a story, never mind a joke was beyond me.

The first idea landed in my lap the next morning. It was so involved that when I wrote the company for tech support along the way, they were politely flummoxed that I was trying to make a thirty-two page document in software that was designed for six, maybe eight, pages at a time.

I do two panel gags. I do BDSM-based dad jokes. I do essays and autobiography. 

And I do it because I've always wanted to and now I know how.